Ten Tracks Intro

“This ain’t no intro, this the entree.”

This week we will analyze the score for this class.

A few things to note:

Each week you will be working independently and collaboratively through each lesson. I will be here to assist, chat, support, guide. We will be having conversations and discussions. We will be working in concert to learn together. Our work will be mostly online. We will not have a text book. We will be making, creating, exploring, and doing.

Our work together is broken into chords. These chords represent themes that we will be exploring throughout the year.

Each chord is broken into explorations. Each exploration will have three supports for you: Listen, Watch, and Read. These explorations will take place during class time.

Explorations will be followed by labs. Lab time will be structured to help you complete compositions at the end of each Chord. Lab time will take place during class time.

You will also be spending time working in concert . This “discussion” space is a place for you to share and deepen understandings.

Finally, you will make entries in a private journal. These reflections can include how you felt about the explorations and labs, things you might want to know more about, insight into how your perceptions and thoughts have changed, etc. These journals will be private; only you and I can read them. They will not be open for the class to read. When we have finished this class, you will have the opportunity to upload your compositions, journal entries, etc to a personal portfolio.