Coding Intro

As you know, we have explored several aspects of coding in our other units. We explored binary functions when working with base 2 concepts, we investigated recursion and repetition, we have created a wide variety of compositions.

We will now use several coding platforms to translate our compositions to code and create new compositions as well. Coding offers us the opportunity to see under the hood and explore ways to manipulate our compositions in highly sophisticated ways. When we consume another coders product (Incredibox, Loopy, etc), we are “stuck” with decisions and choices they made for their product. As the coder, you will be in charge and have an enormous creative capacity that you don’t get when you use ready built platforms, apps, and websites.

We will use a programming language called ChucK that was developed by a team at Princeton. This coding IDE (integrated development environment) was created specifically for musicians and will help us explore sound and sound waves. We will also try our hand at coding utilizing Python and a locally developed IDE called Dogo.

Coding is the intersection of Music and Math and this unit promises to deliver some exciting integrations of these two subjects.