December 13

Setting the stage for our second tile.

Supaman Playlist:

The Rose that Grew from Concrete: Tupac Shakur
Auto Rap

1. Snap a picture of your ceramic tile and trim it/send it to Sunny or Malachi to be uploaded to Fine Art America. The tile picture should be accompanied by your narrative (what the tile represents or means)

2. Complete the steps below to finalize your second tile with the paper we made on Tuesday.

Paper Tile:

1. Trim your tile to 6×6
2. Use pastels to decorate your tile
3. Apply glue to the scrap from your large tile and press in seeds. The seeds will adhere to the paper and will be plantable in the spring (or indoors during the winter months). The scrap should be made into an explanation of your tile. You can write a poem or description.