December 4 and 6


1.Johnson visit 12/7. We can not visit the second floor. You can explore with groups of two to four. I would like for you to find an example of homemade paper and or sumi-e and give me a description of the work; i.e. where did you find it, who created it, what did you think of it.

2.Visit spreadsheet sent to you via email with your project progress. Use today to catch up and turn in any project(s) that are due. Start with your tile project as we need your pictures to load to Fine Art America.

Fine Art America Exemplar:
RS Factory Smoke

By the end of the day December 6 you should:

-Have sent me your tile cropped and ready for Fine Art America
-Have shared a doc with me with the title of your tile and a description of the tile
-Have shared with me your musique concrete composition with a title and narrative; these should be included in one doc with your tile and narrative

Sound Cloud upload:


Web directions:

3. Sumi-e discussion and demonstration:

Next Week:
Paper Making on December 11 with Laura Rowley
Tile Making with Paul Wiech on December 13
George the Dog visit December 13