Looping Intro

This unit will involve investigations of repetition and recursion and how we can use these to compose music.

Repetition is the recurrence of an action or event. For our purposes, we will use repetition to create layered rhythmic compositions (looping). Looping can be commonly found in quite a bit of our popular music. You might recognize the term sampling. Sampling occurs when an artist takes a bit or piece of another work and loops that bit over and over again throughout their composition or song.

Recursion is the process of repeating in a self-similar fashion. Objects that contain self-similar smaller “copies” of themselves are recursive. The rhythm tree is a perfect example of recursion and we will refer to it as well as other examples of recursion throughout this unit.

One of the amazing things about music is that it lends itself so naturally to coding; mostly due to the fact that our rhythmic system is highly mathematical. Some of the principles you will learn in this unit will help you learn to write code later when we explore music and coding.