November 20

    1. Read:
    2. Listen

Playlist for the Planet:

3. Record
Collect 8 short sounds (5-20 seconds each) and one long sound (2 minutes) using any recording method you like.

A. Use Keezy to collect sounds inside and outside.

B. Use your phone (voice record app works nicely and will import sounds to your Google Drive) or the Roland recorder to collect sounds inside or outside.

C. Import your sounds into Garage Band or Audacity (or both). Keep “clean files” of each sound. Manipulate and layer your sounds and begin to formulate a plan for a 2 minute composition using only your 8 short sounds and a 3-4 minute composition using your short and long sounds.

4. Mix


Garage Band:

Narrative exemplar: I created this tile and composition in response to the devastation the wildfires are bringing to California. In my composition you can hear the crackling of a fire. The birds are meant to resemble a call for help. The voices are meant to expose the havoc we as humans have wreaked on our planet. You can hear “I want that” and “Hurry, hustle” clearly. These words exemplify our need for instant gratification. We often make choices without considering their impact. We are beginning to reap what we have sown.

Image exemplar: I created this image using direct transfer  and Photo Shop manipulation. The original image is of a scene from the California wildfires with snow and trees outside my window in the background.

Composition Exemplar: I created this piece using three different sound files. I manipulated them using Audacity.