November 27

  1. Rubric and Exemplar (direct instruction: whole class 10 minutes)
  2. Upcoming Tiles (direct instruction: whole class 5 minutes)
  3. Fine Art America and student activity fund:  (individual investigation: 5 minutes)

Student Independent Work:

  1. Complete your narratives for your first tile.


  2. Snap a picture of your tile and open it using Photo Shop. Prepare it for posting to Fine Art America.


  3. Work on your composition and narrative. See:

Narratives and composition for first tile are due 11/29/18.

6×6 Assignment Doc: (click and make a copy)

6×6 Assessment (sent to you via email) Doc:


Compositional Design Brief:
Your composition can be created using your choice of digital tools/sound manipulation. A few possibilities: Audacity, Loopy, ChucK (music coding), Ear Stretch (music coding), Garage Band. Your composition must:
1. Contain sounds from nature or white noise (musique concrete)
2. Must be uploaded to sound cloud and/or Youtube and
3. Must have a qr code generated to take the listener to your work when connected with your 6×6 tile.
4. Must have a description of how the tile and composition are related to the environment.

Composition Rubric:

Artistic Design Brief:
Your 6×6 tile(s) must reflect a theme or concept related to the environmental landscape. These tiles will be installed at a community location and will include your composition as part of the final artistic product. Your tile(s) must:
1. Be 6×6
2. Document the process of developing ideas from early stages to fully elaborated ideas
3. Be accompanied by an artist narrative for the tile, i.e. this piece was created to show, or I created this piece to bring attention to, etc.

Artwork Rubric:


Narrative exemplar: I created this tile and composition in response to the devastation the wildfires are bringing to California.

Image exemplar: I created this image using direct transfer  and Photo Shop manipulation. The original image is of a scene from the California wildfires with snow and trees outside my window in the background.

Composition Exemplar: I created this piece using three different sound files. I manipulated them using Audacity. In my composition you can hear the crackling of a fire. The birds are meant to resemble a call for help. The voices are meant to expose the havoc we as humans have wreaked on our planet. You can hear “I want that” and “Hurry, hustle” clearly. These words exemplify our need for instant gratification. We often make choices without considering their impact. We are beginning to reap what we have sown.