November 29

Class Behavior Discussion:
Many students and parents have raised the issue of disrupted learning opportunities. In order to make sure that all students are part of a learning environment that is safe and productive, I will be implementing the following:

For students who are disruptive to the learning environment; i.e. talking over anyone who is speaking, exhibiting distracting behavior, etc.

  1. Warning
  2. Contact
  3. Removal

Students will receive one warning. If behavior persists I will make contact with the student caregiver by phone and in writing. If behavior continues the student will be removed from the learning environment.


Job Board:

Positions that are open to P-Tech students are (and will continue to be) posted on the bulletin board outside of Mr. O’Brien’s room. Students will need to apply for positions they are interested in per the job description/job posting.


6×6 Assignment due today:

  1. Complete your narratives for your first tile.
  2. Snap a picture of your tile and open it using Photo Shop. Prepare it for posting to Fine Art America.
  3. Complete your composition and narrative. See:

Please share your narrative in a Google Doc and email your tile photo (edited and ready for posting to Fine Art America) and your composition (saved as a wav file) to me.