An individual emotion or disposition.

Ten Tracks: This will kick start our journey together and help me to get to know you…and you to get to know me…we’ll all get to know each other.

This won’t be us:

Chord I: Space-Time–We will explore electronic music as it has changed through space and time.

Chord ii: Kool–We will investigate where the beat began (hint…Kool has something to do with it) and make it our own.

Chord iii: Looping–We will try our hand at looping, sampling, sequencing.

Chord IV: Noise–We will embark on sonic explorations; what is noise and what is music.

Chord V: Scoring–We will learn some basics of scoring and learn how to make graphical representations of our compositions.

Chord vi: Coding–We will use IDE’s (Integrated Development Environments) to “code” and create.

Chord vii: Producing–We will make and create videos, pairing sounds and images.

Chord I: Presenting– We will showcase our work from the year for an audience.