Space-Time Lab

Your Lab for Space-Time is dedicated to creating a visual or audio composition for us outlining changes in music over time using a continuum (past, present, future). You can talk about changes in technology, changes in music, changes in society, changes in social justice, etc.

Lab A:
Outline a story that you would like to tell that explores the Space-Time continuum of music and technology.

Lab B:
Go to Knightlab: and create a story using one of the storytelling tools. You can use the story or outline you created in Lab A, or make an entirely new story.

Also explore:
How to tell a meaningful story through video:
How to make a podcast:

Feel free to Search YouTube for ideas as well!

Lab C: Finalize your Space-Time story. Use the platform or technique that is most comfortable for you. i.e. Knightlab, a video, a podcast, etc. Share your story on our Composition page.