Ten Tracks

Your composition (or project) for this week is to gather ten tracks (or songs, compositions, pieces, etc) that each say something about you, who you are, where you are from. What’s your jam? What does each song say about you? You can use Sound Cloud, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube…to create your ten track composition.

Composition Design Brief:
1. You must have ten tracks
2. You can not repeat a song or artist
3. You must tell me what each song says about you (you can write a few sentences, draw a picture, make a video to include with your playlist or mixed tape, etc)
4. You must share it with me in some way.

Once you have created your set list, play list, mixed tape, etc. You will need to find a way to share it with me, i.e. send me a link, etc.

Composition Rubric